11 mei 2011

Haunted country: Josh T Pearson - 21 May

We saw Josh T Pearson in the Rotonde when he toured as his last incarnation Lift to Experience. "We're all about light and shade" has been the claim of every heavy metaller since Zeppelin and Sabbath, but Pearson really has made a journey that proves quiet is the new loud.

His solo album 'Last of the country gentlemen' has been getting rave reviews for its fragile haunted songs. The Texan singer-songwriter already played the Botanique's Witloof Bar earlier this year.

For Les Nuits Pearson is back to play the Museum on 21 May. The room will be transformed into the 'Grand Salon' and the intimate atmosphere should suit his music perfectly. For a taster of his whispy whispering voice, here's 'Woman when I've raised Hell...'

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