21 mei 2011

Preview: Twin Shadow and Holy Ghost - Sunday 22 May

Hard choices tomorrow, as we've already written about the great line-up in the Rotonde: The Crookes, Mirrors and Suuns -  three‚ very different up-and-coming bands on the same bill, bringing melodic indie‚ electro-pop and alternative psychedelic rock.

But it clashes with the great acts in the Orangerie: Twin Shadow produced one of our favourite albums of last year. He was a real treat when we saw him at the AB in February. George Lewis Jr. was born in the Dominican Republic and is now based in Brooklyn but his music fuses the best of 80s and new wave influences into bewitching pop: Morrissey-esque crooning mixed with choppy chiming guitar and great synth melodies - and he's a charmer on stage.

 Support comes from Holy Ghost's DFA-affiliated electro-pop, as well as Esben and the Witch - a gothy brew that was highlighted in the BBC's shortlist of names to watch this year.

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