17 mei 2011

Micah P Hinson and the Mons Orchestra @ Orangerie

I think it's fair to say that Micah P Hinson's gig on Sunday started a little hesitantly. He had some technical problems with his guitar or amp that seemed to make him a little nervous for a while.

But any concerns we may have had in the audience were quickly swept away once he started playing. Gentle guitar accompaniment to dark bluesy songs that seemed to come from the 'Old Weird America' that is supposed not to exist anymore.


(In fact he told us that his latest composition - barely three months old - had been described by one critic as an 'American Traditional' song. I'll try not to make that mistake here.)

As the evening progressed Micah P Hinson turned out to be a charming and self-deprecating character on stage - telling us stories between the songs. Although it's not always easy to know when he's joking: "At home I just spend a lot of time talking to myself. My best friends are chihuahuas."

He was also very gracious to the Mons Orchestra - a string quartet who accompanied him for half the set. These songs had beautiful arrangements that - with Hinson's gruff bass voice - were at times reminiscent of Randy Newman's flavour of Americana.

Other songs with the quartet had a more European - even Gypsy music - feel; and some had the richness of a Buddy Holly ballad. He even resembles Holly (or is it Elvis Costello) a little with his large-framed glasses and retro 50s-style microphone.

At the end he thanked us profusely for coming - and we thanked him for bringing a very personal show to Les Nuits Botanique.


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