15 mei 2011

Joseph Arthur, Mélanie Laurent & Laetitia Velma @ Cirque Royale

 Saturday was singer-songwriter night at the Cirque Royale. Laetitia Velma opened with a set of dramatic songs set to a simple accompaniment of electric guitar and herself on piano.


 Mélanie Laurent brought a more laid back approach with a set of mellow pop that - with her smokey voice - at times reminded me of Norah Jones. She had a great band and string section with her who provided backing vocals that  occasionally had the richness of the Carpenters in their prime!

She was charming on stage - joking with the band and the audience - and seemed genuinely moved when the Cirque Royale gave her a standing ovation for the final song.


Finally, Joseph Arthur stepped up the intensity a little. He opened with a Dylanesque combination of guitar and harmonica but soon used his selection of effects to expand the sound.

I've seen artists use loops and delays to multitrack themselves before but Joseph Arthur took it further than most - he built up layers of vocals and guitar, sometimes playing drums on the pick-ups, to create a one man band. A fitting climax to a night of well-crafted songs.



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