09 mei 2011

Villette's Top 5 for Nuits Botanique

We're starting to get excited as Les Nuits approach and thoughts turn to how to get the most out of a week of music. Is anticipation part of the pleasure or is it better to just let yourself be surprised? Who knows - but there are definitely a few nights that we think and hope will be special.

The following Top 5 is just a shortlist of some of the things we're looking forward to - having already missed the boat on one of the best gigs in this year's line-up (Sufjan Stevens since you ask) we'll limit the list to things we can acually do:


5 - Sitting on the Botanique steps

Not strictly a gig‚ although you can cheekily enjoy the bass-heavy mix of whoever's playing in the Chapiteau through the tent walls‚ this is one of the finest pleasures of Les Nuits. On a sunny evening (here's hoping) just sitting‚ chatting‚ snacking and savouring a beer.


4 - The Crookes‚ Mirrors and Suuns

We've already written about this one‚ but life doesn't get much better than three‚ very different up-and-coming bands on the same bill in the Rotonde. Melodic indie‚ electro-pop and alternative psychedelic rock all served up in the high-ceilinged round room that even bands can't get enough of. And the banked seating means you're guaranteed to see!


3 - Congotronics vs Rockers

Yes - it's an unknown quantity‚ but isn't that what it's all about? We're going to embrace the spirit of experimentation and adventure behind this project and go and see fusion in action. We're already excited about the ecclectic line up and the prospect of so many bands on the same bill.


2 - Twin Shadow

One of our favourite albums of last year and a real treat when we saw him at the AB in February. George Lewis Jr. was born in the Dominican Republic and is now based in Brooklyn but his music fuses the best of 80s and new wave influences into bewitching pop. Morrissey-esque crooning mixed with choppy chiming guitar and great synth melodies - and he's a charmer on stage.


1 - Caribou

Having enjoyed their sunny dance-psychedelia at Pukkelpop and the AB last year - we think this one will be a highlight. Daniel Snaith makes woozy dreamy twisted pop music. Pet Sounds-ish vocals mixed into pulsating techno beats and washes of pure sound turn songs like 'Sun' into a rush of pure euphoria.

Maybe the gig most likely to send you out into the night with a smile on your face.


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