04 mei 2011

Sunday 22 May: The Crookes, Mirrors and Suuns

The Rotonde is one of our favourite concert venues - the circular space with a high ceiling, banked seating/stands and a giant mirror ball(!) make for a great atmosphere for seeing some of the smaller bands that play at the Botanique.  The last Sunday of Les Nuits has an interesting, eclectic line-up:

First up are Montreal-based Suuns who play dark, hypnotic electro-rock with ominous layered vocals that are at time reminiscent of Radiohead. We enjoyed them last time they played the Rotonde earlier this year and will try to see them again.'Up past the nursery' is unusually mellow but I like its rhythmic minimalism:

There's a change of pace with Mirrors, who come wrapped up in the glossy sheen of 80s electro-pop. I like the melodrama of 'Into the heart':


The Crookes headline with a brand of melodic indie-rock that takes me back to a different 80s - the likes of Orange Juice and Bradford. Jangly guitars and a heartfelt tenor voice also recall all things Smithsian. I particularly like the love-lorn, kitchen-sink sound of 'Backstreet Lovers':












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