01 mei 2011

CONGOTRONICS Vs ROCKERS @ Cirque Royale 12th May

The opening night of this year’s edition of Nuits Botanique promises to be electric. OK, so maybe Sufjan Steven’s @ Cirque Royale on 10 May is officially the opening night, but that was already sold out the day the tickets went on sale. So, either you have your tickets and are insanely excited about it already, or you really don’t want to read about what an AMAZING concert you are going to miss.

So on to the unofficial opening night Congotronics vs Rockers: an experimental coming together of 10 Congolese and 10 European/American musicians at the Cirque Royale on 12 May. This is the first outing for this collective of musicians all together and will kick off a tour of European and American festivals including Couleur Café.

Even though no one has seen them yet, the concept is very promising. Villette thinks that this will be a wonderful night full of high energy, thrilling music, dancing, and will be unlike anything else you are likely to see at Nuits Botanique this year..

The artists and musicians are all busy rehearsing around the world and e-mailing music and ideas to each other from Kinshasa to Buenos Aires, from Brussels to Brooklyn. You can find out more about the virtual rehearsals at their blog; http://ctvsr.tumblr.com/.

So, in case you haven’t decided which Nuits Botanique concerts to go to yet ; this one seems like a definite candidate to take a chance on and make it onto your list. And there are still tickets available.

More from Villette later in the week…

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