27 april 2011

Anticipating the Nuits Botaniques...From Villette


Ahh, the spring has definitely come! The city feels warm and green and people look happy emerging from the cold into something altogether kinder. That can only mean one thing in the Villette household: Nuits Botanique. The Nuits eases us from the wonderful live music discoveries of the winter into the summer festival scene, providing an amazing array of music to choose from in a number of venues in and around the Botanique.

The Nuits is mainly focused around 5 stages in the Botanique complex itself: Witloof bar for (literally) underground tunes, the Museum for discovering something new, the Rotonde for beautiful new and exciting bands, and the Orangerie for some more established acts. For the Nuits Botanique, a huge marquee – the Chapiteau  - is placed in the beautiful gardens to provide a larger venue and to give the Botanique the space to invite bigger acts or upgrade the crowd for bands that have been before but since made it bigger.

The range and quality of the live music on offer also adds to a magical atmosphere. Some of our best memories are of hanging out with friends on the steps of the Botanique drinking a beer and eating some fine snacks while different music wafts through the warm evening air. Obviously there are nights when the weather is less kind, but we try not to remember them!

If you are considering a first visit to the festival, we hope you enjoy it and end up with as many happy memories and musical discoveries as we have had over the years. Top tip from Villette is to try pot luck and go along to see a band you haven’t really heard, but like the sound of. We will post some of our tips over the coming days.


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